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We offer different styles of activities, the Yakushima Island tour, hikes and walks in the forest.

 Let's take the time together to find out how to organize your day according to your desires and possibilities.

​Yakushima Island tour

​Yakushima is an almost round island and going around it is obvious when you see its map.

Gigantic waterfalls, hot springs by the sea, delicious local specialties... Let yourself be led to discover the riches of Yakushima, and set off to meet its inhabitants.

(possibilities of signing up for workshops and making chopsticks or pottery yourself...or lots of other things).

​If gastronomy really interests you then why not a gastronomic tour!

​ Hikes and walks in the forests

What could be more incredible and invigorating than going to discover the mountains of Yakushima.

There is something for everyone here, for all styles and for all levels... from the biggest hikes over several days, to a single day circuit.

For those who want to climb a peak or walk in moss forests.

Take a gentle stroll through the forests of Yakushima, not really trying to reach a summit but falling in amazement at a magnificent waterfall or seeing Yakushima deer.

Walk a little with the monkeys and have a small snack sitting on a tree stump.

Yakushima offers the opportunity to discover amazing trees, plants and animals.

Whether you are experienced hikers or inveterate strollers, Yakushima will satisfy you.

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