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The rates shown below include (for one day):

  • Your personalized and completely private support


  • ​Lunch meal and a snack (all food will come from local production, we are particularly keen on the quality of the products we serve you, if possible from organic production).


  • The preparation of your tour in Yakushima by the guide, according to your preferences.


  • Accompanist costs.


  • ​Entrances to the different parks on the island.

For groups larger than 4 people, it is necessary to contact us because a rental car will be necessary.

​For hiking, it is preferable to wear sports shoes in which you are comfortable rather than new hiking shoes (unless otherwise advised by the guide).

It is imperative to bring rain gear.


The guide is there to ensure your safety and it is possible, due to unsuitable safety conditions or physical conditions or unsuitable equipment of the participants, whether the tour planned with you changes at the last moment or be canceled. In these cases, no compensation can be considered. 

If the weather does not allow the planned outing to take place, in this case no fees will be charged and if necessary we will issue a refund. No one is responsible for changes in weather, but no compensation due to bad weather will be applicable.



Adult prices (price in yen from 12 years old)

For more than 4 people, an additional car rental is necessary (from 8000 yen/day), for mountain outings of more than 5 people an additional guide is necessary.



Children's prices


Free for children aged 0 to 5.

Children from 6 to 11 years old 8000 yen per day, per child.

Cancellation fees :

20% of the price from one week before release
50% of the price up to 3 days before release
100% of the price for the daythe exit

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